In 2010, we founded a company and opened an online shop in Poland. After a year of operation, an official brick-and-mortar shop was opened in Katowice. Two years after its establishment, we opened a branch in Wrocław. A year later, our shop was opened in Warsaw and after another two years in Gdańsk.
We have extensive experience in the industry, we have access to 99% of industrial products worldwide. We have been to many trade fairs across Europe.
Thanks to our honest approach, experience and reliable opinion on products, we have become a recognised brand in Poland. is our opening for markets outside Poland. So far, we have served many customers from all over Europe and some Asian countries. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer products at the lowest prices.
If you cannot find something on our website, write to us.
If you want to make larger purchases and get a better price, let us know, we are flexible and available 24/7


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