Generator Co2 Boost Buddy


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BOOST BUDDY produces CO2 24/7 without the need to replace cartridges or with expensive production equipment. The effect of the action generator is on the mycelium present inside the ingredients. Mycelium produces CO2, which is secreted for a period of about 7 months outside devices using a microporous filter.

One package of BOOST BUDDY provides the amount of CO2 on the surface of max. 1.2x1.2 m



There BOOST BUDDY slightly above cultivated plants.
In procedures from conditions, the source may vary. This does not mean a wrong action, on the contrary. If the mycelium grows, CO2 is produced and released to the outside.

Do not open the packages as they can act to contaminate the fungus and damage the production of CO2.
Do not break the filter.

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Weight 5 kg