Growers who want more will find two 300 mm connections in the roof and

four OmniFlow airvents at the bottom! Thanks to the super-strong 22 mm

frame poles, it is still a long way from reaching its limit and is only just

getting started!


The Ambient R240+ grow box can hold up to four 250 watt LED lamps.

Nothing works without our patented PAR+ internal coating! Heat is generated

when several powerful plant lights are used.


It is therefore even more important that the radiant heat is effectively

conducted away, while the plant can utilize all the valuable PAR energy


Assembled size: 240 x 120 x 220 cm

Grow space: 2.88 m2


  • Tubes:+ 100 mm: 2 x back side+ 200 mm: 1 x left, 1 x right side (bottom)

    + 300 mm: 2 x roof


    + OmniFlow air vent: 4 x Ø 250 mm

    (1x left, 1x right, 2x back)

    (MicroMesh insect protection with 700 μm mesh size)



  • Robust and dirt-repellent materials
  • Engineered to last
  • Optimally reflecting PAR+ inner coating
  • Generous side accesses with zips on the right and left
  • This makes individual intervention and uncomplicated care possible
  • Super stable frame rods (Ø 22 mm)
  • Reinforced, precision-made connectors made of plastic
  • Total-Blackout Zippers – lightproof zippers
  • no stressed plants by annoying scattered light
  • Maximum capacity: 150 kg

Additional information

Weight 30 kg