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Ambient PAR+ are the tents of the new product line of the well-known HOMEbox® company. These products are, as usual, in excellent quality and, of course, as usual in improved and reinforced versions.

Ambient – meaning ‘Surrounding’ so the manufacturers of the HOMEbox® brand, have here opted for an exterior colour scheme combining the advantages of neutral beige, which integrates well with almost any colour of the surroundings.

As a result, we offer you a professional grow room for your favourite plants that also integrates into your home environment. A grow room that satisfies the needs of beginners and professionals alike.

A modern grow room for your favourite plants. The Ambient PAR + versions are designed not to stand out from our living spaces. German technology and design.

The rooms have elements made of durable materials that are also safe for plants. Their interiors are lined with smooth, perfectly diffusing fabric made with PAR + technology. An additional convenience in versions: AQ100,AQ120, AR120, AR240, AQ200, AQ240, AQ300 is the presence of “ventilation windows” in the side walls, as well as removable and waterproof bottoms. Importantly, the cultivation tents presented are lightproof. It is worth noting that the HomeBox is an extremely easy-to-assemble structure, allowing the internal space to be adapted to the individual needs of specific plants.

The new product line is available in all the familiar sizes, starting with the AQ30 miniature version 30 x 30 x h60 cm for hobbyists, experimenters to the AQ300 300 x 300 x h200 cm size for professionals. A characteristic feature of the Ambient version is the removable tent base, which has many advantages, can be quickly folded away, cleaned and is of course waterproof. The tent is lightproof!

Technical data:
Dimensions when unfolded: 60 x 60 x h160 cm
Area: 0.36 m² growing area
Maximum construction load capacity: 50 kg
Ventilation holes / sleeves ( finished with welts ):
100 mm: 1x rear wall
125 mm: 1x left side
160 mm: 1x ceiling
2 x rear 125 mm (5″) OmniFlow passive inlet
(each inlet has a 700-micron-density MicroMesh mesh and can be closed).

Photosynthetically active radiation ( PAR, PhAR ) – solar radiation that can be absorbed by photosynthetic pigments for photosynthesis in plants.

What the inner coating gives compared to other growboxes:
Reflects more light that the plant is able to assimilate which translates into better growth and a higher yield
The temperature inside the tent is approx. 3-4°C lower
Virtually eliminates the existence of Hot Spots

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Weight 10 kg