SET Advanced Nutrients 3 X 500ml Grow Micro Bloom



Fertilizer Kit from Advanced Nutrients, pH Perfect Grow, Micro and Bloom (GMB) 1L, for feeding plants during all stages of the growing cycle. The three-component GMB will give you faster vegetative growth, healthier plants, fast and productive flowering. It is easy to mix and contains high-quality chelated ingredients. These 3-part base nutrients will do all the heavy base lifting for your plants to evolve and create an excellent yield.


pH Perfect Grow, Micro, and Bloom contain the unique pH Perfect formula. This formula contains organic surfactants, humic acid, fulvic acids, amino acids, and unique technology that automatically corrects the pH of your nutrient solution.


The pH Perfect formula also has Wet Betty, an organic surfactant that reduces the surface tension of your water, facilitating the spread and absorption of nutrients into your plants. Fulvic acid speeds up the absorption of nutrients. These two acids must work together to get the best conditions to fasten plants’ vegetative and flowering stages. And Chelated elements that are quickly and easily absorbed by the roots.


Advanced Nutrients provides users with products that work, cost less, and last longer, creating fantastic results.

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