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Innovative stylish extract or supply fans for enhanced comfort level.
Continuous or periodic ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces.
Maximum air flow combined with low noise level ensures an ideal room microclimate.
Exhaust or supply ventilation depending on fan installation in the system.
Designed for plastic (flexible) ducts.
Transportation of low and medium air flow volumes for small distances at low air resistance in the ventilation system.
Compatible with Ø 100, 125 and 150 mm air ducts.


The casing and the impeller are made of high-quality durable plastic.
The exhaust spigot is fitted with specially designed air flow rectifiers to reduce air turbulence, noise level and increase air pressure.

The impeller design enhances fan efficiency and ensures low-noise operation of the fan.
Ingress protection rating IP X4.


Reliable ball bearing motor with low energy demand from 4.5 W.
VENTS Quietline models are equipped with a single-phase single or two speed motor (Quietline Duo and Quietline Extra modifications).
The integrated thermal overheating protection prevents motor overload.
The motor rests on rubber anti-vibration connectors to ensure low-noise operation of the fan (except for VENTS Quietline 150 Q).


Operation modes for T modifications of VENTS Quietline 100, 125, 150 and VENTS Quietline 150 Extra models are selected by setting the DIP switch in required position.

Mode 1

The fan is turned off by default. The fan starts operating at the low speed when the switch is closed.
Mode 2

The fan is turned off by default. The fan starts operating at the high speed when the switch is closed.
Mode 3 (two-speed mode)

The fan operates at the low speed by default. The fan switches to the high speed when the switch is closed.
Mode 4 (Automatic interval mode)

The fan operates at the 1st speed by default. The fan switches to the high speed each set time period (adjustable from 1 to 15 hours) and operates up to 30 min to ventilate the premise with maximum capacity. After that the fan models back to the continuous operation at low speed.


Manual speed control:

The fan is controlled by a room light switch. It is not included in the delivery package.
Speed control is performed with RS-1-300 or RS-1-400 thyristor speed controller (applicable for the models without timer). Optionally, speed control for VENTS Quietline 100 Duo, VENTS Quietline 125 Duo, VENTS Quietline 150 Duo, VENTS Quietline 150 Extra may be performed with P2-1-300 speed switch (for details, see Electrical Accessories).
Automatic speed control:

With BU-1-60 electronic control unit (for details, see Electrical Accessories). Available upon separate order.
With timer T (integrated turn-off delay timer keeps the fan operating 2 up to 30 minutes after turning the fan off).


The fan is mounted into a matching duct size. Fastening with clamps in case of flexible duct connection.
The mounting bracket enables fan installation on both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces (Quietline-k model).
Serial mounting of two fans boosts the operation pressure.
For 12 V low-voltage motor fan connection to 220 V / 50 Hz power mains use the step-down transformer TRF 220/12-25 (available upon separate orders)

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